purple sunrise at slea head. kerry ireland.
Slea head road and the mountain sheep. Kerry, Ireland.
Miss this guy. @andrekivijarvi chasing after his dreams in NYC.
I could spend a lifetime on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
In 48 hours we wrote, produced, shot, scored, edited, and delivered a Horror film. Please join us for the world premiere of “reverie” at the SIFF Cinema Uptown Theater in lower Queen Anne August 7, 2014 @9p. Tickets are now available on the SIFF website. Please PM me for any details. #FilmInWA #SEA48HFP10 #reverie
I climbed across this fallen tree over a 40 foot deep canyon.
The Blennerville Windmill, Ireland.
The night I missed my ferry and got stranded on the Aran islands for the night. The Dun Aonghosa cliffs at sunset, worth being stranded for.
The final photo of the @shoottheskies project on day 365. I wasn’t happy with my edit even though it took me 6 hours. Here’s the rebate. 15 50mm f1.4 ISO 1600 photos stitched.
The cliffs of moher in Ireland. I walked the cliffs from beginning to end and back and it’s a place you have to see to believe.
Another photo from the Alaska elopement. Checkered vans, all day laughter, being the witness, and running on mountains… The best! #temilygetsmarried
Yesterday’s elopement wedding on mt Alyeska was perfection.
Eagle cap peak. Wallowa mountains. Now off to Alaska to photograph a wedding elopers on a mountain.
This photo of Mt. Sacajawea and hurricane creek was only lit by the moon. Four 24mm photos stitched. 30 seconds f2.8 iso1600
Slick rock. Wallowa mountains. Oregon. 2 24mm photos stitched, 30 seconds, 10 stop nd.  (at Eagle Cap Wilderness)