You have until midnight to get the @shoottheskies book to abolish human trafficking. My book has raised over $78,000 dollars, out funding my goal by over $33,000 dollars. The more I say that, the more it blows my mind! The reality that I’m self publishing a book full of my photographs and sending out over 1700 copies to 22 countries around the world is really humbling. It’s also very exciting because I’ll be donating over $50,000 dollars to @thea21campaign! 
This photo is one of the most dangerous photos I have ever shot and it is one of my favorites. It’s underneath the Aurora bridge in Seattle at 4:30 in the morning. I shot it from the middle of the bridge, with a tripod, and my feet dangling 180 feet above the water. It’s actually 40 20mm 2 second ISO320 photos stitched.
Today and tomorrow until midnight to get a book. When I was at Big Sur last fall, I used some rope to climb down a few hundred feet of loose dirt and rocks to the water to shoot an arch. The arch wasn’t clear at the bottom and the lighting was too harsh. I wasn’t in love with the photo but the work/danger gives me an attachment to it and with a #VSCO edit, it turned out better than I thought…
The hike to Yosemite point for sunset was one of the highlights of last year. The Yosemite valley is one of the coolest places in the world and sitting on the edge of a 3,000 foot granite face, dangling my feet, enjoying the view and shooting photos is tough to beat! Only 2 days left to get a book before my final order is placed. The down payment for my final amount of books goes through on friday.
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Mt Index. 5 days left to get a book.
I just got interviewed for a TV show called Rainmakers and it will be airing in a few weeks. Extremely honored for the opportunity to talk about my Shoot The Skies book and using art for justice on the MHZ network. Stay tuned for the updates about where to watch it, and don’t miss out, you have until this friday the 18th to get a book. 
This is another photo from Colchuck lake, in the enchantments.
6 days left to get a @shoottheskies book if you haven’t got one yet! This photo is a black and white version of my favorite photo that I shot last year, day 257. This is the milky way at 4:30 am at around 9,000 feet on mt rainier last fall. I spent the entire night on the mountain, watching the stars and sunrise, a seriously epic day. This is 24 18mm photos stitched.
Frozen Bridal veil falls from winter. 10 18mm photos stitched.
22 countries have helped fund the @ShootTheSkies photography book to abolish human trafficking! Over $78,000 dollars has been raised to fund my first book. If you missed out on the indiegogo campaign, you still have more 8 days to buy a book directly from my website.
Over $77,500 dollars raised! The momentum hasn’t slowed at all, I have actually sold over 80 books in the last 5 days. I’m so stoked for the continued support, it really is amazing! The funding was going to end today at noon, but because I cannot place the book order until April 18th, I decided to keep the book for sale until then. So… good news for all you super procrastinators, April 18th will be the final day to buy a Shoot The Skies book, which is giving 100% of the proceeds to @thea21campaign. 10 more days! I’m sorry to keep changing this date but thinking big picture, this is a good thing! The more books I sell, the more money I can give to abolish modern day slavery. Doing the publishing by myself is quite an undertaking but right now the book is still on schedule to meet the early July delivery date. If you have any questions feel free to email me. 
This is the space needle in December, during a beautiful foggy night.
Over $76,000 dollars raised with 1,700 @shoottheskies books sold! The indiegogo stopped on April 2nd and I thought a few people missed the opportunity to buy a book but over 45 people have bought books.
If you haven’t bought my first photography book which is donating 100% of the proceeds to end modern day slavery, you have until tomorrow at noon before its too late. 
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This photo is of the beautiful mt si, near north bend. The color version is day 97 in the book.
Hey @thenosyt I miss going on adventures with you… Big four avalanche field from last fall.
We did it! $74,000 dollars in 60 days was raised for my @shoottheskies photo book to abolish human trafficking. The last 2 months have been the best and most humbling of my life! Because of your help, I will be donating around $50,000 dollars to the @thea21campaign to end modern day slavery. I am so thankful/grateful for everyone who supported this project, it really means the world to me. 
If you missed your opportunity to buy a book, I have good news… even if you are a procrastinator, you have until monday at midnight to buy a book from the shoottheskies website! Unfortunately after that I wont be able to order any more books unless you want to buy 1000 books for the second print run :)
Tanner Wendell Stewart
2 hours left! My book has raised over $71,000 dollars for @thea21campaign and you have until 11:59 pacific standard time to grab a copy to end modern day slavery. 
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12 hours left to get your signed copy of my first book! @ShootTheSkies has raised over $69,000 dollars in 60 days and I really cannot put into words how humbling, overwhelming and exciting the response has been. I am so thankful for this opportunity to use my photography to make a difference in lives of those affected by modern day slavery. It would be really awesome if you could share this one more time!
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Photo by @andrekivijarvi
34 hours left to buy the @shoottheskies book to fight human trafficking! We have raised over $66,000! Don’t miss your chance! This photo is one of my favorite shots from earlier this year in downtown Seattle, its day 107.
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